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Astral/Ether Meeting Journey- Partner Working

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Oct. 16th, 2006 | 05:20 am

The first thing to do is run a ritual bath to cleanse yourself from all the psychic debris and emotions from the day.

Fill the tub and light some candles (that are not your spell candles); you may light some appropriate incense if you desire. Sprinkle some sea salt or Epsom salt into the bath before climbing in. Turn out the lights and get into the bath, focusing on the flame of the candles and allow the body to relax all its muscles. Once you feel calm and peaceful, begin to think about the upcoming ritual and what you would like the outcome to be.

When you get out of the bath go directly to your working space, don't go feed the cat or whatever. The ritual bath is part of the magickal working. Have all preparations made before you get in the bath.

For this particular working, you will need to change into something white and silver. If you wish to wear something white with silver jewerly, then you may do that. Wear your usual magickal necklaces and jewerly, but leave all other types off. Try to wear clothing that is non-constricting. Free flowing is best.

Light a few white candles for illuminators and find an item that has been touched by the person you are working with.

Find a yellow candle, not only to represent the concentration and imagination we will be needing to bring to the ritual, but also to represent the Greek God Hermes, who is associated with the color yellow. Hermes represents speed and communication and messages from the gods. He is the god we will be calling upon for assistance, but you are welcome to use you deity to bring you to him and aid you in your visualization and meditation.

This ritual is performed on a Monday because Monday's are best for psychic pursuits, dreams/astral travel, and imagination. Silver and white is also associated with Monday's, which is why we are choosing to wear garments of those colors. Monday's are ruled by the Moon and Cancer, as well as water, which is why the ritual bath is so important. Stones recommended are moonstone, aquamarine, pearl, quartz crystal, fluorite, and geodes, but another of choice should be well suited. You can do without any stones if you wish.

Try to keep familiars out of your working space, for this will call for intense concentration.

If you wish to cast a circle, do so, but since it's more of a meditative-focused working, you may not need to. If you feel comfortable working with your deity and Hermes, then you may wish you not cast a circle, but if you are unfamiliar with Hermes, or somewhat uncomfortable, you may wish to cast a circle.

The first thing you want to do is ground yourself. I suggest finding a comfortable position and first envisioning your inner energies escaping to form an energy shield around yourself. You may envision the energy in any form you wish. This is to protect you from psychic attacks, both intentional and unintentional. Now, take a deep breath in, and as you exhale imagine roots springing from your feet (or whichever body part) and pushing into mother earth, deep within. With each breath in, see yourself taking in the energy of mother earth, and with each breath out, imagine yourself filling up like an empty glass. Do this until you are completely full with mother earth's energy. If you are familiar with chakra balancing, you may wish to do so. After this, dip your fingers in some form of oil (olive, canola, etc) besides an animal oil and spread the oil on the yellow candle from the top to the middle, and then from the bottom to the top. Then anoint your third eye (between your eyebrows) with the oil and bless the candle and ask that it be used in light. This is how we dress the candle in order to bring something towards us, communication (to push something away, do the opposite. from the middle out). Now you may wish to charge the candle with your energy and intent. Light the candle, watching the flame for a while.

Now, if you wish to light incense or hold a stone, do it now. Be sure to use something in accordance. Find the item that has been touched or charged by the individual you are wishing to communicate with. Hold this the entire time. Try to do so in your receptive hand (the one you write with). Make sure you and the individual are working in roughly the same time frame (give or take a few minutes).

Now, close your eyes. See the person in your minds eye. Envision every detail. Take the time to zoom in and examine their every flaw and characteristic, take as long as you need to see every detail about them. Try to not let your mind wander. Focus on this person's eyes the most. The flecks of color, the shape, etc. After you are done, imagine yourself coming out of the black and into a specific place agreed upon by you and the individual. Here you will discuss and perhaps offer something to the other individual. You may exchange thoughts. The individual may take longer to get to you, or they may be waiting. Try not to have pre-set expectations, just let things come to you. Your power animals or deities may assist or guide you, or simply keep you company until your partner arrives. You may see other people that you are not familiar with, do not be afraid, you are no longer on the physical plane, these are the spirits and guides that reside on the ether and astral plane. Be open to the situation, and allow your intuition and imagination to guide you. This is a special meeting place for you and your partner. You may leave when you want and receive yourself however you wish as well. Remember to make sure your candles are in a safe place and your are comfortable. Try to ensure you will not be disturbed, for you will likely be performing a form of astral projection, and being suddenly disturbed may be painful.

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